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From Inside Solo Vol no. 2:

The collages of Australian artist, Joel Lambeth, grab you by the eyeballs and make you look. There’s something you recognize there. Could be the words, or the face, or the title, or the feeling. Something familiar, hip, today, yet reaching back through yesterdays. Always dramatic, Joel Lambeth’s black, red, and white works are stars in their own right and in their own galaxy. Joel is a brilliant star in the art world, whom you won’t want to miss.

See Lambeth’s solo exhibit in the feature gallery next week, Monday – Thursday, July 27 – 30th. Meet him on Tuesday and chat over drinks and goodies at his reception.


Original Artwork for Sale

"The Plan" (2009)
Collage on wood
165mm x 165mm

There are now some of my original collages available for purchase on, including "The Plan" which was featured on the cover of Platform 58 issue 4 (see their e-zine archive).

Visit my Etsy Store now.

More work will be added over the next week, so be sure to check back soon!


New Book: Accidental Archaeology #1 Available Now

Accidental Archaeology #1

Accidental Archaeology #1 is the first in a series of books containing the photography of Australian artist, Joel Lambeth. The book is a collection of 68 full page colour photographs taken of found collages from the streets of Sydney and Melbourne over a period of 3 years between 2006 and 2009.

The overlapping textures created by bill posters and other advertising material that have been exposed to time and the elements create complex and strangely beautiful compositions that cannot be dismissed as merely examples of urban decay.

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Semi-Permanent 2009

Hearts and Minds (2009)
Collage on card
190mm x 250mm

The Semi-Permanent 2009 book. 220+ pages packed full of amazing submitted artwork from all over the world.

180x240mm full colour.

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